Canary Riverside news

Rotherhithe bridge

20th January 2017

Plans to build a bridge linking Canary Wharf to Rotherhithe are being developed.  The siting of the bridge could have significant implications for Canary Riverside resident.   The London Mayor and Canary Wharf Group have expressed their support the bridge.  The current plans propose that the bridge ramp be located next to the Cascades development (the other side of the Riverside South site), while CWG have expressed support for the ramp exit on to Westferry Circus.  

RACR advises residents and owners to look carefully at the proposals and to ensure their views are communicated to the relevant planning bodies.  

Residents in Hanover House and Berkeley Tower stand to be particularly affected by the proposals as the bridge may dominate their river view.  In addition there are implications for being overlooked by users of the bridge, and the potential for noise nuisance.