Canary Riverside residential lease

The lease is the contract that sets out the rights, responsibilities of the obligations of the residential apartment owner (aka Leaseholder/Lessee/Tenant) and the head lessor (aka Landlord).  A copy of a typical Canary Riverside residential lease can be found here. Lessees should ensure that they have a copy of their own lease available to them to refer to.  Lessees may also need to refer to the head lease and the variation to the head lease. A summary of the freehold title and headlease structure can be found here.

Important lease obligations for residents and owners

Living at Canary Riverside should entitle you to the quiet enjoyment of your property.  If you encounter problems of noise coming from neighbours, from the estate or from the neighbourhood then please report the issue using the report link >>.

Likewise, please ensure that you and your visitors respect the rights of your neighbours, which is a key obligation under the terms of your lease. 

Use of car park spaces by visitors

We are advised, that anyone, including a member of staff, personally authorised by a tenant to use his or her parking space is entitled to do so - provided no formal rights to use are actually transferred to the user.  For example, if a member of staff is allowed to use the space they do so with the full understanding that they are using the space at the invitation of a specific named resident and that that invitation is personal,  informal and can be withdrawn at any time.  A key factor is that no money changes hands in connection with the arrangement, as would be the case with any visitor.

Please do...

...let the Concierge have the names and contact details for all the people living in your apartment and let them know if you are moving out/away for an extended period.

...take care to make sure that doors & gates are shut when entering or leaving the buildings at ground and car park levels. To keep the estate secure, do not allow anyone to enter whom you do not recognise - refer them to Security (at the main gate) or the Concierge.

...use the recycling bins in the chute rooms for paper, cardboard, glass, cans and plastic.  For large items that will not fit in the bins (or down the chute), please see bulk rubbish removal. to the Concierge things that need to be repaired or require attention.  [we will shortly be including a 'report' link on the website to assist with reporting faults.]

...always use the goods lift for deliveries and large items, and when taking pets to and from the building. 

Please avoid...

...disturbing other residents.  Be considerate and keep noise to a minimum.  Indoors, please play music, radios, musical instruments  and TVs at a moderate volume. Outdoors, please avoid creating noise on balconies and terraces.  Remember that the communal gardens are designed to be quiet and games are forbidden. 

...placing anything other than curtains and blinds in window areas and anything other than plants and garden furniture on balconies and terraces (ensuring they are secure).  The drying of clothes on balconies is not permitted.

 ...bringing bicycles into buildings: use the bicycle storage areas.  

By keeping to our high standards we will maintain the profile of Canary Riverside and in turn ensure the security and comfort for all to enjoy. 

Repairs and alterations

If you are planning any refurbishments and major repairs to your apartment please ensure that these are discussed with the managing agent prior to works commencing.  There are limits on permitted hours of work, and approval may be necessary before works can commence.  

Any physical changes to the structure of your apartment, including the replacement of water pipes, heating systems and electrical circuits must be approved prior to the works commencing.  All works must comply with the latest building regulations set by the government and enforced by the local authority and London Fire Brigade. 

Be aware of what your lease says 

The estate regulations/lease restrictions are contained in the Third Schedule to the Lease and include: 

  • Not to do anything which is not consistent with Canary Riverside being a high class block of flats.

  • Not to under-let their apartment for periods of less than six months. Short stays such as AirBnB lettings are not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Not to separately under-let part of an apartment, or the parking space separate from the apartment.

  • Registering within 28 days any under-letting, and produce the original or certified copy of the under-letting agreement, paying a reasonable registration fee as required.

  • Not to under-let for a period greater than three years unless a direct covenant to do so has been entered into with the Landlord.

  • Not allowing TV, radio, music (including musical instruments) to be heard from outside your apartment.

  • Not hanging or displaying clothes, line, carpets etc on the balcony or terrace.

  • Not keeping any animal unless permission to do so has first been gained.

  • Not permitting any noisy works to be carried out in the apartment except between the hours of 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 12pm on Saturdays.

  • Not permitting any act to the nuisance or damage of the building and common parts.

  • Not to leave prams, bicycles, toys or other articles in the lobby and common areas.

  • Not to play games in common areas.

  • Not to make any unnecessary noise.

Buy-to-let owners should ensure that their tenants are aware of the estate regulations.  

Leasehold legislation

The principal Acts governing leasehold law are the Landlord and Tenant Acts of 1985 and 1987.  It is a complex branch of law.  Leaseholders can find advice and information from sources such as the Leasehold Advisory Service and the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership.  

The RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code is approved by the Secretary of State and is a good source of information regarding what statutory and best practice in the management of residential leasehold property.  

The Residents' Association of Canary Riverside is unable to provide advice to Leaseholders on leasehold matters.