Practical information


Security Office: 020 7516 0103

Security officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   They operate from the security office located on the left side of the main entrance, from where the CCTV, access control and security is carefully monitored, and also patrol around the estate. 

During Concierge working hours (7am - 7pm), the Concierge is a residents' first port of call for any security or estate matter.  Between 7pm and 7am residents can contact security by:

  • Pressing the “doorman button” marked by a dot on the apartment entry-phone.
  • Telephoning the security office on 020 7516 0103
  • In person by going to the window booth of the security office at the main gate. 

The estate has been designed to be secure.  Please take care to ensure that doors are properly shut when entering or leaving the buildings and gardens, and be aware of people following you in through doors and gates.  

To maintain the estate's security please do not allow anyone to enter whom you do not recognise - refer them to the Security office, or to the Concierge.