New Management Order

The Tribunal has now issued the final version of the new Management Order that forms the legal basis of the appointment of Alan Coates as the Manager of Canary Riverside. The new Management Order took effect on 1st September 2017 and runs through to 31st August 2020.

It followed an application by CREM (the landlord) to try and shorten the length of the original Management Order to less than two years, and to retain certain responsibilities. The Tribunal has instead lengthened the term of Mr Coates' appointment, to a total of three years and 11 months (from 1st October 2016 through to 31st August 2020). It did however allow CREM to retain responsibility for placing the buildings insurance on the basis that this is required by its lender.  

Alan Coates of the HML Group is responsible for the management of all services provided to residential lessees (excepting buildings insurance), together with the shared ('Estate') services provided to residential and commercial lessees at Canary Riverside.   

In its clarification letter of 13th October the FTT described Mr Coates as effectively having 'stepped into the shoes of the Landlord' - i.e., he assumes the management responsibilities previously held by CREM.  Mr Coates' responsibilities includes all matters concerning the residential leases, with the exception of the placing of the buildings insurance policy and legal action in forfeiture matters.  

The FTT confirmed that Mr Coates' management responsibilities include granting consents to carry out alterations, issuing sales packs and assignment of leases.   

For further information on what a Tribunal-appointed Manager means, please see the Leasehold Advisory Service's ('LEASE') explanation here.  More information regarding Mr Coates' appointment can be found on the Management page of the website.