Fibre broadband issues

We have today written to the chief executives of Openreach and BT and the director of customer services at BT regarding the continuing difficulties residents are having in accessing the FTTP (fibre to the premises) broadband service that should be available to every apartment here.

If you have been successful in gaining fibre connectivity to your flat in the past 12 months we would like to hear from you - please email us and let us know who at BT/Openreach/another ISP made it happen for you. 

Despite having been wired for FTTP in 2012, a database 'addressing' issue on the BT/Openreach system means that our postcodes/addresses are not identifying as having fibre availability.  A couple of (very persistent) residents have managed to get connected in the past year (one in Eaton and another in Berkeley), but the majority of would-be new fibre subscribers find themselves hitting a brick wall - even when providing full details of the FTTP service that, until the day they moved in, was connected to their flat.  

We have also written to HML Andertons to enquire as to the progress on the possibility of having a second FTTP network installed by Hyperoptic.