New website page - leaseholder resources

We've updated the website to include a 'leaseholder resources' page (accessed via the Information tab) with links to sites containing useful information for leaseholders, all of which RACR regularly utilises.  

The Lease website should be the starting point for most leaseholders, and if the answer you seek is not apparent you can email or telephone Lease.   

RACR is member of the Federation of Private Residents' Associations, which produces quarterly newsletters with informative articles.  We have uploaded copies of the newsletters here.  FPRA also seeks to provide direct advice in response to leaseholders' queries if able.    

RACR is happy to try and find the answer to leaseholders' queries if it is a matter that concerns most residents, and we encourage you to avail yourself of the resources that Lease, FPRA and other experts in the field of leasehold offer, available via the internet.