Works to repair noise from North ramp 'blockers'

Residents facing north towards the ramp up to Westferry Circus are being disturbed by the 'ker-clunk' sound of heavy vehicles passing over the security blockers embedded in the ramp.  This is a recurring problem, and we had hoped that the recent road closure of the North Ramp would resolve this issue.

We have been in contact with CW management and they confirmed that the works were intended to alleviate the noise problem, and that it was apparent they had not done so. They are looking to find a lasting solution to this problem.  Please see their response below.  

In the interim, residents who are having their sleep disturbed by noise from vehicles passing over the blockers might wish to consider using their cooling at night and the bedroom window closed.   We hope that CW will find a solution shortly and will keep residents updated.  

Canary Wharf's reply to RACR, 7th April: "The North Ramp blockers were serviced on Sunday 2nd April and we were hopeful that hinge blocks and some adjustable spacer blocks between the front of the rising blocker and the rams would alleviate some of the noise. We checked on Monday 3rd April and realised that all was not well.  We have subsequently met with the contractor and made them aware of the results and more importantly our concerns.  Work was done on the blockers between 00:01 – 05:00 under a road closure, there were no heavy vehicles going over the blockers.  The engineers could only test with their own light van.  We have asked the contractor to re-evaluate and try to come up with a lasting solution.  I will come back to you as soon as we have some positive news."