Accessing your fan coil units (FCUs) for cleaning

Many residents are unfamiliar with how to remove the ceiling tiles to access the FCU(s) located in the kitchen and the tiles may have been painted over/sealed, making their removal difficult.    

This means it is unlikely these FCUs - the ones that are most often used (serving the living area) have had their filters cleaned for many years - if ever.  If you have not had your FCUs serviced and would like to find out more about getting them serviced, please contact RACR using the email address at the bottom of the page.  

If the kitchen ceiling tiles have been painted/sealed, e.g., as a result of re-decoration, it requires some effort by the resident to access the FCU(s) - they may need to cut around each tile in order to loosen them so that they can be removed.

Please see our guidance note which includes photos showing how to remove the tiles.