Use of parking spaces

Following recent correspondence regarding the use of lessees'/residents' car park spaces we would like to confirm the position with regard to allowing your guests, visitors and other authorised persons to use your parking space(s).

We are advised, that anyone, including a member of staff, personally authorised by a tenant to use his or her parking space is entitled to do so - provided no formal rights to use are actually transferred to the user.  For example, if a member of staff is allowed to use the space they do so with the full understanding that they are using the space at the invitation of a specific named resident and that that invitation is personal,  informal and can be withdrawn at any time.  A key factor is that no money changes hands in connection with the arrangement, as would be the case with any visitor.

This is consistent with the advice received from Mr Coates, who since 1st October 2016 has been responsible for the management of Canary Riverside.   Please see the Management page for further information regarding the replacement of CREM by a Tribunal-appointed manager.  

Unless specified otherwise, the terms of your lease apply equally to your flat and to your parking space.  Were CREM's restrictive interpretation of the lease terms (per their recent letters) to be correct, lessees/tenants would not be permitted to allow anyone else ('third parties') to use ('share') their flat.  E.g., they would not be able to have any family/friends staying with them, even just overnight.  This would clearly be unreasonable, and would conflict with lessees' rights to quiet enjoyment.