Reading your electricity meter

HML have reverted to billing residents on the basis of metered electricity readings, and future bills will be issued on this basis.    The meters are read remotely, but residents can take their own meter readings in order to validate the calculation of their electricity charges.

One bedroom flats have just one meter.  Other flats will have two meters in the fuse cabinet: a 'mains-talk' meter, and a slave meter.  You can ignore the slave meter for the purpose of meter reading.  

To take a reading from the 'mains talk' electricity meter you need to:

  • press the red button located on the meter (see photo below) until you see 'R1#####': make a note of the reading;
  • continue pressing the button until you see 'R4#####': make a note of the R4 reading.   NB: one-bedroom flats do not utilise the R4 reading. 

To calculate your electricity consumption you will also need to have your previous reading.  This should be shown on the consumption statement that accompanied your bill from HML.    

Deduct the previous meter reading from your current reading to calculate your consumption. Add the R1 and R4 usage together to get your total electricity consumption (one-bedroom flats: please use only the R1 reading). 

NB: there may be a perspex panel in front of the meters: in order to take your readings you will need to unscrew the plastic screws and remove this panel.  

**Did you know** the red flashing light on the mains-talk meter is an indication of how much electricity you are currently using.  The faster it flashes, eg, when you have the heating, or electric oven on etc - it may flash quite frantically.