The role of a Tribunal-Appointed Manager

We have been asked to confirm the role of a Tribunal-appointed Manager, following some lessees confusing the role of the Manager with that of a managing agent .  

A Manager appointed by the courts under s.24 of the Landlord and Tenants Act 1987 takes over the Landlord's right to manage the buildings.  They are directed by the Tribunal and act independently of the landlord and leaseholders.  LEASE, the government agency responsible for advising leaseholders, describes the role of a Manager here.  

A 'Section 24' application is the legal action taken to remove a Landlord from responsibility for managing an estate (including appointing a managing agent).  The courts do not make a decision to remove a landlord lightly.

Leaseholders first have to notify a landlord of the alleged breaches of lease/legislation/RICS Code, and give the landlord an opportunity to remedy them.  Failure to do so results in the application to the Tribunal to remove the landlord's management responsibilities and place them under the responsibility of the court-appointed Manager. 

More information about the Tribunal's decision in 2016 to replace CREM (the landlord at Canary Riverside) can be found on the Management and Section 24 legal action pages of the website.  Due to the mixed-use nature of the estate, Right To Manage or enfranchisement are not options available to leaseholders  The Government is, however, currently reviewing leasehold law, including RTM and mixed-use estates.  

Our neighbours at Cascades had a s.24 Manager in place for over 10 years.