Update on the lawns

From our gardener, David:

"There was lots of moss in the lawn from the last couple of years, which I've killed but it's left bare patches. Lots of scorching from dog urine. And 8 of the lawn sprinklers are broken, they're not turning. I've replaced 6 of them last night and another 2 are on delivery. The water supply has only just been turned by Canary Wharf at the beggining of this month but they've reduced the time I'm allowed to use it from 5 to 3 hours. So I've had to run valves in groups but this is causing the pressure to drop. I should be able to reprogramme the timer to run all the drips together and then I can run the lawn sprinklers individually. The weather has turned cold again but as soon as it starts warming up the new seed will germinate. The water is already washing the dog urine through, so that won't be an issue until the winter."