Being a good neighbour

"A little bit of respect and consideration for your fellow leaseholders [neighbours] can go a long way".  So say ARMA in their advice note Good Neighbours in Flats.  It's not exactly news, but we hope you don't mind us giving a little reminder on things you can do to ensure that you (or your tenant) don't inadvertently inconvenience your neighbours.  

  • Refuse & recycling: Please ensure that all your refuse is either put down the chute or in the recycling bins and not left on the chute room floor: as well as being a fire hazard it makes it difficult for your neighbours.  Please see bulk rubbish removal for more information.  
  • Pets:  Leaseholders must seek approval to keep a pet - please contact HML Andertons.  Dogs are not allowed in the gardens and must be taken via the path on a lead out of the Estate to be walked.   Tenants are not permitted to keep pets.   
  • Noise: All residents are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of their property.   Please be considerate towards your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum, including in common areas and the gardens, as continued disturbance can cause friction between residents.  ARMA guidance on how best to approach noisy neighbours can be found here.  

Your concierge should be your first point of contact regarding any issue in your building.