Join the Residents' Association of Canary Riverside

All owners (leaseholders) at Canary Riverside are eligible to join RACR, the Residents' Association of Canary Riverside.  Our aim is to promote neighbourly living in a well-run estate that results in higher property values, greater investment returns, and, above all, is the number one place to live in Canary Wharf.

We have been granted informal recognition by the Tribunal-Appointed manager. In order to be granted formal recognition, membership must comprise at least 60% of the residential leaseholders.  

RACR is a member of FPRA: the Federation of Private Residents' Associations.  All of our members have access to the FRPA members section on their website, and can contact them with queries.  

The difficulty that large estates such as ours have - i.e., with large numbers of leaseholders being non-resident and/or overseas, making it difficult to locate them - has been recognised by the  government, and they recently carried out a consultation to make it easier for leaseholders to form a recognised residents' association.    

If you are an owner at Canary Riverside but not yet a member of RACR we look forward to hearing from you.