Quarter 1 electricity bill queries

A number of residents are querying the meter readings contained on the 'statement of electricity consumption' that supports the Q1 electricity bills sent by HML.

HML have asked that all such queries be sent to them at the email address below:

HML will endeavour to process residents' queries as quickly as possible.  Because this may require them to interrogate the source data they have asked if residents could bear with them to enable them to respond with additional daily usage data.  This will enable residents to see consumption on a day by day basis for the three months in question and identify any obvious discrepancies/spikes in usage.   

It has been an exceptionally cold winter, and Canary Riverside has an electric heating system - please see our section on heating for further information, including how to find how much electricity your FCU units use (in kW).  Residents' electricity consumption may have been significantly higher than in recent winters, which have been notably milder. 

Although electricity meters are remotely read (i.e, the data is transmitted from the meters to HML), we would advise residents to periodically take their own readings, and compare their meter readings with those on the HML statement.  NB: the readings are NOT those displayed on the two meters in your cabinet: in order to obtain readings residents must press a button and cycle through the display to obtain the R1 and R4 readings.  Please see our earlier news item on how to obtain meter readings.    One-bedroom flats only use the R1 reading. All other flats use the R1 and R4 readings to obtain total units used.  

We also remind residents who may leave their flats empty for long periods of time that they should turn off the trace-heating circuit breaker in their fuse cabinet, to prevent hot water in the pipes in their flat from being kept at a constant 60C in their absence.  Please see the section on hot water for more information.