Federation of Private Residents' Associations - a useful resource!

We remind our members that RACR is a member of the Federation of Private Residents' Associations. The FPRA offers its members specialist legal, insurance, management and building guidance.  This means that RACR members can contact the FPRA for advice on leasehold matters.  They can also access the FPRA website members' area - contact us for details. 

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"The Federation of Private Residents’ Associations are a not-for-profit lease advice, support and lobbying organisation for private residential leaseholders, tenants’ and residents’ associations, Residential Management Companies and Flat Management Companies. We are the national voice of residents’ associations and are frequently consulted by government. Our leasehold advisory services are free to members, who pay an annual subscription fee."

The FPRA publishes a quarterly newsletter for members, which you can find here