Replacement of electricity meters - update

HML has today written to lessees advising that it will not be carrying out the wholesale replacement of all electricity meters at Canary Riverside and will instead be replacing meters on a piecemeal basis, i.e., as and when required.  HML's application to the FTT to dispense with consultation under S20ZA is therefore being withdrawn.

The Residents’ Association welcomes this decision.  We questioned the need for the wholesale replacement of the residential meters in July 2016, following receipt of the Section 20 Notice issued by CREM/Marathon Estates, and requested that a business case be prepared to justify to lessees the need for meter replacement, together with consideration of alternative options before proceeding further.  No reply was received.  

We made the same response to HML following receipt of their S20ZA application to replace the meters, and had continued to question the need for the replacement of every meter, given that the majority of residential meters appeared to be working correctly.  HML’s work on analysing the metering data for the purpose of electricity billing appeared to confirm this.  We did not think the immediate replacement of every electricity meter would be a good use of our money and support HML’s decision to prioritise replacement according to need.