Practical information


Canary Riverside is an upmarket, prestige estate.  Residents can help ensure it presents a neat external appearance by adhering to the lease/estate regulations and not hanging or displaying items such as clothing, linen carpets, not storing bulky items such as prams or bicycles on their balconies or terraces.   

Residents must also be aware of the risk of unsecured items being dislodged in high winds, including seat cushions, and either remove these from the balcony when not in use or ensure they are properly secured to prevent the possibility of any injury or damage  occurring.  During a storm an unsecured balcony table smashed into a window at Berkeley Tower before falling several floors to the ground, and many other items fell from balconies.  Even a small item falling from a high floor could be lethal.    

It's regrettable that something so obvious has to be said but: on no account should cigarettes, lit or otherwise, or any other items be discarded from balconies or windows. 

Hanging fixtures from external balcony ceilings is not allowed as puncturing the external finish will allow air and moisture into the building fabric.  Care should be taken when hanging fixtures to external walls facing onto balconies.  Fixings to take the weight of, for example, hanging baskets, should be of the resin fixing type.  This involves securing the fixing into a carefully drilled hole with resin cement.  NB: The  expanding fixing type should not be used.  This is due to the facing bricks having hollow cavities that will collapse under the loads applied by expanding fixings.

The balcony floor and balustrade is constructed from Iroko plank flooring.