Practical information


A chute room is located on every floor for the disposal of domestic refuse.  Do's and don'ts to prevent blockages to the chute or congestion in the chute room include:

  • Only use pedal bin sized bags (approx. 15 litres). 
  • Never place bulky items such as cardboard boxes, glass, wood or any other large object down the chute which could result in a blockage
  • Do not leave items of rubbish or recycling on the floor of the chute room. This is a fire hazard.  It may also prevent access to the chute and recycling bins by your neighbours.  
  • If your rubbish does not fit down the chute or in the recycling bins it must be taken down to P1 for collection - see Bulky items above.  
  • Recycle as much as possible.
  • Use the waste disposal unit (if fitted) in your apartment to dispose of food waste.  
  • Wrap up any broken glass securely before disposing of as it may be manhandled from the bins by our waste operatives, and could cause serious injury.