Practical information

Noise and disturbance

Please be considerate towards your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum, as continued disturbance can cause friction between residents. Living at Canary Riverside entitles all residents to the quiet enjoyment of their property.   

Indoors, please play music, musical instruments, radios and televisions at a moderate volume so as not to be heard outside of your apartment.  

Outdoors, please avoid creating noise on balconies and in the gardens.  Please note that the playing of ball games is not permitted on the estate.

If you are disturbed by excessive noise from neighbours, please report this to the Concierge (or Security).  In most cases a conversation between neighbours will resolve the situation.  The ARMA advice note on noisy neighbours can be found here.  

It is important to report all incidents so that a complete record can be kept of noise and anti-social behaviour, particularly if there has been a need to contact the police and/or Tower Hamlets Council.   

Noisy works: Please consider your neighbours when undertaking noisy works within your apartment, and try to give immediate neighbours (i.e., on your floor and the floor immediately above/below) and the concierge notice that such works will be taking place.  This will enable them to reschedule their plans if necessary (e.g., not work from home that day).  

Noise from drilling/banging/sanding etc can reverberate through the ducting and affect a large number of apartments.  It's helpful to ensure your concierge knows of your plans, to enable them to advise residents what the noise is and how long it is expected to last.    

Noisy works (use of heavy or electric equipment such as hammers and drills) are  only permitted between the hours of 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 12 pm on Saturdays.