Practical information


Residents are not allowed to keep pets in their apartment without specific prior permission which has to granted by the landlord, per the residential lease.  Owners wishing to have a pet must apply for permission from the landlord: and having gained permission should provide a copy to their concierge.

Approved pets must be kept within their owner’s apartment and not allowed to roam around the estate.  They should not be allowed in communal areas (such as hallways, gardens, terraces and the car park) at any time without the owner being present, and must be kept on a lead/in a cage as appropriate.  

If you own a dog you must:

  • Keep it on a lead at all times whilst within the estate;

  • Ensure that it does not foul the communal areas, walkways or gardens.  This includes urinating on the lawn or anywhere within the boundaries of the estate.  Any accidents must be immediately cleaned up.  

  • Use the goods lift when taking it to/from your apartment.  

  • Not leave it unattended on your balcony.

Please ensure that your pet does not disturb other residents.   Permits may be revoked if pets create a nuisance, and may be withdrawn at any time by the landlord without a reason being given.

Please note: Rental tenants are not permitted to keep pets.