Practical information


The residential apartment buildings are wired throughout for superfast fibre broadband (known as fttp: fibre to the premises) which enables you to contract with BT or other providers for speeds up to 300Mbps.  Regular broadband ('copper wire') is also available.  

To have fibre installed in your apartment you will need to contact a service provider such as BT and arrange for your apartment to be connected. This requires a fibre terminal to be 'hard-wired' into your apartment, to which your modem will be connected.  

Problems with getting fibre (BT Infinity) installed

Occasionally residents may find that BT (or another provider) advises them that fibre broadband is not available to them.  There have been a number of reasons for this, including errors in BT's database or capacity at cabinet level (in the street) having reached capacity.  If you experience this problem please contact RACR.