Practical information

Holidays/extended absence

If you are likely to be away for an extended period (more than 31 days) please let your Concierge know, and ensure that you have provided contact details or a local contact in the event of any problems arising.  This is required for insurance purposes.  


If required, please make arrangements with your concierge regarding your post and deliveries in order to prevent your mailbox from overflowing.  A key waiver is required should you wish the Concierge to place items in your apartment. 

Water supply

If you intend to be away longer than 30 days you are advised to turn off the water supply to your apartment before leaving.  The levers to turn off the hot & cold and chilled water supplies can be found in the ceiling panel immediately outside your apartment front door.  

You might also wish to consider switching off the trace heating by turning off the relevant circuit breaker (see electricity). This stops hot water from being kept at a 'ready on demand' constant hot temperature in the pipes located within your apartment.

NB: you must ensure that, on your return that you turn your water supply and trace heating back on, and run the taps and shower for at least five minutes, to flush through any water that has been standing in pipes.  


If anyone else is likely to be using your apartment while you are away please let the Concierge know and arrange for your guests to let them know when they arrive and leave.