Practical information

Cooling (air conditioning) 

'Comfort cooling' is provided to apartments by way of cooled air through the fan units (FCUs) when temperature controls are set to cooling (e.g. on the Baxi unit the temperature dial is set to the left of centre).  

The running costs of providing a chilled water supply to apartments is included in the annual service charge.  When using the cooling, residents directly incur only the cost of running the fan (typically <250 watts per FCU per hour).    

The cooling is turned off in the colder months (mid-October to mid-April). 

Before using your cooling you must ensure the filters on the FCUs have been cleaned within the past six months.  The FCUs need to be regularly maintained, including cleaning filters and ensuring that the drainage channel is not blocked:

  • A dirty filter will restrict the air flow over the chiller coils, which may cause them to frost over and cause water leakage.

  • A significant volume of condensation is produced when an FCU is being used for cooling, and this needs to drain away. A dirty condensate tray or drain will restrict the drainage and cause water leakage.

  • Any gaps/tears in the insulation around the chilled water pipes will result in condensation forming - please ensure that the insulation is properly secured and maintained.

View of an FCU from the ceiling access panel

View of an FCU from the ceiling access panel

The wire mesh filter can be vacuumed in situ, or removed for a more thorough clean. Ensure it is properly replaced: a missing filter will damage the cooling coil.  

filters awaiting cleaning

filters awaiting cleaning

Please see the section on FCUs to see common problems with the units.  If your FCU fan is running okay but the cooling is not working:

  1. Check that the chilled water supply is turned on in your apartment.

  2. Check that the dial on the Baxi controller is turned towards the left of centre.

  3. Ensure that the filter has been cleaned in the past six months.

Technical details of the FCU including maintenance can be found here.  

The chiller units are located in the basements of Hanover House (serving Hanover and Berkeley) and Belgrave Court (serving Belgrave, Eaton and Circus).  They circulate chilled water [6-9°C] that is piped through to apartments to enable cooled air to be generated via the FCUs.