Practical information


You must ensure any contractors working on your behalf in your apartment are properly qualified and insured.  Please keep in mind that by inviting workmen onto the estate you become responsible for their actions, and any damage that may accidentally arise.

Please consider your neighbours when undertaking noisy works within your apartment, and give immediate neighbours (i.e., on your floor and the floor immediately above/below) and the concierge notice that noisy works will be taking place.  This will enable them to reschedule their plans if necessary (e.g., not work from home that day).  

Noise from drilling/banging/sanding etc can reverberate through the ducting and affect a large number of apartments.  It's helpful to ensure your concierge knows of your plans, to enable them to advise residents what the noise is and how long it is expected to last.    

Noise from apartment alterations is only permitted between the hours of 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 12 pm on Saturdays. 

Please insure that your contractors protect the common areas and that they do not block access or leave debris in lobbies, lifts and car park areas, all of which may pose a fire risk/hazard.   All waste must be removed from the site and common areas/lifts left clean. 

Remember to make arrangements with your concierge for contractor access and any need for a lift key, and please keep them informed of your plans.