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The Landlord places the buildings insurance. A copy of the 2019/20 certificate can be found here, and a copy of the policy document here. The ‘reinstatement cost assessment’ report (2014) can be found here.   

Building Insurance covers damage to the fabric of the building (including glass) and the structure of individual apartments and their individual fitted bathrooms and kitchens where an insured peril is met. Buildings insurance does not cover the costs of normal wear and tear.

An excess is applied to any claim made. This excess may vary depending upon the type of insurance claim. The current position, in the case of an escape of water, for example, is that the owner of the apartment from which the leak originated should meet the cost of any excess payable. The 2019/20 excess for escape of water is £1,000.

For other types of claim, if there is no negligence involved the £350 excess will be met through the service charge (per the RICS Code), otherwise it is met by the claimant.

Making a claim against the buildings insurance

Should you need to make a claim against the buildings insurance please contact Richard Hargreaves at Reich:.

and copy to Jonny Weisrose: 

Please download and complete the claim form to attach to your email.  Photos will always be required of the damage, together with details as to the cause of the damage and confirmation that the underlying issue has been resolved.  

The policy also covers 'trace and access', if required in order to locate the source of a leak from a concealed fixed pipe e.g. located behind walls or above a ceiling. NB the cost of trace and access is only covered by the policy when there is a subsequent successful insurance claim.   

Should there be any damage to the contents within your apartment this will not be covered by the Building Insurance policy.  Residents must arrange their own independent Contents Insurance policy in order to recover the cost of repairs to/replacement of their personal possessions. 

Preventing water leaks

Water leaks are the most common cause of damage in apartment blocks and it is in the interest of all residents to minimise the risk of leaks occurring.  As well as the inconvenience and damage, frequent leaks will mean higher Building Insurance premiums and excesses.  

ARMA has produced a useful guidance note on how to prevent water leaks in your flat.  

You might also consider installing small water leak detector/alarms such as these to give you an early-warning of problems with in-built toilet cisterns, washing machines etc before serious damage occurs. 



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