Practical information


Each building has at least one goods lift and one passenger lift.  The goods lift is either  situated opposite two passenger lifts or on the left of a single passenger lift.  

All lifts are available for use as passenger lifts.  For the movement of goods, bulky items, building works etc only the goods lift should be used.  Residents accompanied by dogs must also ensure that they use the goods lift.

To help prevent damage to the structure and operation of the lifts, with the associated inconvenience and costs, please:  

  • Request the 'lift hold' key from your Concierge to enable the lift door to be held open for prolonged periods while being loaded/unloaded.  
  • Inform your Concierge if you intend to use the goods lift for large items/removals to enable protective drapes to be put into place.
  • Ensure the weight limit of the lift is not exceeded.
  • Do not jam the lift doors open/prevent them from closing. This will damage the mechanism and potentially put the lift out of operation.    

If the lift breaks down while you are in it, please press the remote elevator monitoring system, which will immediately connect you to the security office who will raise the alarm and ensure that you are released from the lift as soon as possible. 

The lifts are maintained by Otis in accordance with a 30-year service contract that commenced in September 1999 when the lifts were installed.