Practical information

Car Park

The Canary Riverside car park has approximately 500 spaces all situated on the underground levels P2 and P1, of which the majority are owned by Canary Riverside residents.  There is provision for the Hotel valet parking and the remaining spaces, all situated on level P2 of the car park, are available for public use by way of 'pay and display'.  

The main vehicular access to Canary Riverside is via the lower level of Westferry Circus, called Westferry Road, into the Canary Riverside car park.  The maximum height of a vehicle that can enter the car park is 3.275 metres, which applies to the van route and delivery bays situated on level P2.  Delivery vehicles exceeding this height must use the Loading Bay.  The general clearance height for the car park is 2.275 metres, however  there are areas with a maximum clearance of 2.025 metres.

Car park entry and exit system

  • The car park has two entry lanes and one exit lane. Entry is controlled by a barrier system that functions by either passing a valid proximity card in front of the reader or by taking a ticket.  Existing the car park is either again with a valid proximity card or by inserting a paid ticket.  Payment is carried out at one of the two pay on foot machines prior to returning to the vehicle.  Proximity cards are valid for the car park if a private car park space is owned.
  • Proximity cards record both entry and exit into the car park and only work if the process is carried out in the correct order.  A card must exit the system before re-entering is allowed.  Access will be denied if the proximity card is not programmed to activate the barrier.  All barriers are cited with 2-way communication so the car park security officer can help if required.
  • In the case of a forgotten or misplaced proximity card the car park security officer will confirm the validity of the person by using the access control system. In the case of uncertainty the person will have to take a ticket and proceed in the same way as a public user.
  • In the case of a lost car park ticket the person will be charged for a full day's parking at the car park booth.

Residents and guests of the Circus Apartments with private parking spaces

  • On entering the car park, waving the proximity card at the barrier reader enables the barrier to be lifted and the resident can progress to their allotted space. 
  • If the space is located on P1 the proximity card will permit access through the barrier situated at the bottom of the ramp directly in front of the main entrance, enabling the resident to drive up the ramp to their parking space.
  • If the space is on P2 the resident will drive round to the relevant area.  There are two residential parking areas on P2, both of which are barrier-controlled and accessed by proximity cards. 
  • Residents are permitted to allow their guests and visitors to use their own private parking space.  You will need to meet your visitor at the car park entrance in order to use your car park access card to let the visitor in and out.  You must not allow your visitor to park anywhere other than your own demised parking space (unless they are using the pay and display public car park - see below).  
  • The Circus Apartments have designated spaces on P1, which are clearly marked.


  • Your visitors can use either your own demised parking space (see above) or the public parking area of the Canary Riverside car park, collecting a ticket on entry, displaying it on their dashboard, and paying prior to leaving.  Please give your visitor directions on where to find your building's entry door in the car park.  
  • The visitor should call your apartment number using the electronic key pad outside the relevant lift lobby on P2.  If a resident is unavailable the visitor can call the concierge (using the 'D' button) who will advise and permit access to the ground floor lobby area if appropriate.  Between 7pm and 7am assistance is from the security room via the 'D' button.  During these times if residents are not available, access to the residential lobby will not be given unless prior arrangements have been given to security. This ensures security is not compromised in the absence of the concierge.