Practical information

Deliveries via the Loading Bay

Deliveries/moves using a vehicle exceeding 3.275 metres in height must be made via the loading bay, which is situated on the northbound Westferry Road immediately prior to the Limehouse link turn-off.  

The loading bay is open 8am to 7pm, seven days a week.  It has six individual loading docks.  All deliveries through the loading bay must be prior booked through your concierge. This ensures someone will be available to direct the delivery to your apartment and control the lift if required.  

Access from the loading bay to the residential buildings is via the loading bay lift, which is located at the Hotel side of the P1 car park.  The delivery then needs to be transported across the P1 car park to the relevant residential building lift entrance.  

If you are anticipating a delivery please familiarise yourself with the loading bay and its location relevant to your apartment building. Please also advise your delivery company/removal firm that they will need suitable equipment to enable heavy or bulky goods to be transported across the car park area to the lift lobby.  If assistance is required to direct a delivery please liaise with your concierge who will contact the security office.  Please note, Canary Riverside staff are unable to help load or unload deliveries.