Practical information

Deliveries via the car park

There are four van bays located on level P2 of the car park that should be used for all delivery vehicles not exceeding 3.275 metres in height. 

Please keep any large deliveries/loading to between the hours of 6am to 9pm to minimise disturbance to other residents.

Use of the van bays is free for a maximum of 20 minutes.  The driver should present the entry ticket to the security officer located by the car park exit barrier.   If a delivery exceeds 20 minutes, the relevant parking tariff will apply, and the driver must pay using one of the ticket machines before proceeding to the exit barrier.  

Please ensure your delivery company uses the goods lift for all deliveries.  If a delivery/move will require lengthy loading/unloading of the goods lift it is advisable to contact your concierge in order to borrow the 'goods lift hold key’.  This enables the lift door to be held open, without putting any strain on the lift door mechanism.   The key must be returned to the concierge immediately after use.