Practical information

Water leaks

Water leaks are the most common cause of damage in apartment blocks and it is in the interest of all residents to minimise the risk of leaks occurring.  

Please regularly check toilet overflows and underneath the kitchen sink!

As well as the inconvenience and damage caused, frequent leaks will mean higher Building Insurance premiums and excesses, which results in higher service charges.  

ARMA has produced a useful guidance note on how to prevent water leaks in your flat, and LEASE adviser Nadeem Hussain discusses how to deal with a water leak in a leasehold flat here

You might also consider installing small water leak detector/alarms such as these to give you an early-warning of problems with in-built toilet cisterns, washing machines etc before serious damage occurs. 

All owners and residents have a responsibility to help prevent leaks and promptly identify and resolve them before significant damage is caused - thank you!

Leaks from the chilled water pipes

The chilled water that enables comfort cooling in your apartment is carried through a network of pipes that are securely insulated to prevent condensation forming.  In addition, there is a drainage outlet in the FCU that allows condensation created during operation of the cooling system to be safely drained away.  

Just a one inch opening in the pipe insulation will cause a significant a volume of condensation to form - left unchecked, this would lead to serious water damage in yours and also neighbouring apartments.  Please prevent any damage to the chilled pipe insulation, and ensure your FCUs are regularly maintained to ensure the condensation drain is clear.   

Emergency shut-off

The levers to turn off the hot, cold and chilled water supplies can be found in the ceiling panel immediately outside your apartment front door: see stopcocks.  In the event of a leak being discovered that requires a water supply to be isolated you should turn off the appropriate supply to your apartment immediately and before contacting a plumber.  If you are in any doubt, please contact your Concierge or Security.